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Saturday, September 03, 2005


There's lots of these critters running loose in the "peak oil community". To illustrate, I have chosen Jack, one of the moderators at -- a website which serves as Peak Oil 101 for thousands of people everyday. Jack is an affected little worm who brags about his net worth and luxurious life, and has a Marie Antoinette style take on peak oil. He's been involved in peak oil longer than I have, and is familiar with all the key peak oil sources (ASPO, Savinar, Simmons, "The Oil We Eat", etc.) He's even developed a manifesto of sorts, explaining how he thinks we should deal with peak oil. I'll let him speak in his own words:
The End of Cornucopian Idealism

Are you a cornucopian? Perhaps you walk or bicycle whenever possible, wear warm clothing instead of using heating oil, and seek voluntary simplicity in every aspect of your life. You may not even own a television, an SUV, or a dishwashing machine. And yet, you may be every bit as much of a cornucopian as someone who drives a bright yellow Hummer2, keeps the thermostat at 80 in the winter and 72 in summer, and who personally keeps the mall merchants fiscally healthy. Attitude defines the cornucopian.

What, then, is a cornucopian? It is a person who believes in ever-growing, ever-lasting, ever-bountiful abundance. It is a person who cannot conceive of shortage, of limitation, or of want.


A cornucopian refuses to grasp a fundamental truth; that there is only so much of any particular thing. The food you give to another is food you no longer have. That mouthful might be the critical resource required for your own survival. The blanket you provide to someone else may be the very item you need to avoid freezing to death. Foreign aid is merely the collective version of the cornucopian ideal. A nation that gives away resources deprives itself on behalf of others. In a world of limits, this is tantamount to societal suicide.

Within our little community, many argue that nations should help each other, cooperate, and share what is available. It is an argument that ignores harsh realities. If resources exist such that two may live, dividing them among five determines that all will perish. Limitless abundance does not define our world. No, the lack of resources defines our lives. Two thirds of the Earth’s population – some four billion people – cannot be supported by existing resources. Moreover, the surplus population may be far larger – and the problem far greater. The fundamental reality is that more than two thirds of the people alive today cannot be fed, clothed, warmed, or maintained. Over the next 30 years, billions are likely to die. Our actions will decide who will be among their number.

Nations must recognize their duty to their own citizens. They must gain what resources are available, by whatever means are at hand. Supplies must be defended zealously against any who would take them. The weak will perish. Those who are to survive must accept this reality; those who refuse the dictates of reality will remove themselves from the equation.

We have the clear vision to recognize the likely shape of upcoming events. We must now attend to our thinking and embrace truth. For the most part, we are all part of the developed world. We have computers, electricity, running water, and adequate food. The third world cannot be saved. The best and kindest act is to let it sink beneath the seas and cease prolonging their pain. For our own survival, we must be prepared to take their resources for our own use. It is brutal. It is also the refutation of cornucopian idealism. Compassion is a luxury we cannot afford.

Abandon the mirage of limitless resources. Gather what you may, and hold it. For those resources are life itself.Source

Jack knows all about peak oil, and guess what? He doesn't give a shit about conservation. He brags about how much fuel he uses:
For myself, I drive a car that gets just under 20 MPG...if I'm going downhill...with a tailwind. I regularly eat pineapple flown in from Hawaii, strawberries from Mexico, and the rest of the stuff from who-knows-where. No one bothers to bring these matters up, because they recognize that I don't particularly care what they think.Source

So there you go. Case study #1 of what "getting the message out" does to people. How many more Jacks do you "peak oil activists" plan on creating with your ill-conceived "message"? Enough to win an election?


At Saturday, September 3, 2005 at 6:32:00 AM PDT, Blogger Dukat- said...

Your a hypocrite. Jack may use alot of resources and thats fine for him if he can afford to, but you also said that you do not drive and you catch the train and you conserve but your a owner of a disinformative website touting high energy usuage is sustainable. How very strange. Jack believes in peakoil and the ramifications and is aware that he may soon not beable to use resources as he now does. It is also common amoungst many forum members that if we conserve the energy the decline will be more gradual and perpetuate the problem of peakoil on the enviroment and prolong human suffering. If we go Full Throttle which will happen anyway, the decline will be instantious and the energy production will decline much faster causing a quick dieoff which would benifit the enviroment for the people left who were prepared than a gradual dieoff which would decimate most of the natural ecosystems making it much harder for the people left to live. People who believe in peakoil come from all walks of life and the way they live has no bearing on their beliefs. Your site is mildly amusing and I do enjoy reading some of your news but your public attack on one of the forum moderators has no bearing on any facts. You did not uncover a lie, you did not uncover misinformation, you did not uncover a conspiracy, you did not come to any reasonable conclusion.

At Saturday, September 3, 2005 at 8:13:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Guess said...

Trouble is, as we have seen in the last few days, America is not such a well organised and strong nation as it likes to think it is.

Jack's mode of thinking will lead to inevitable conflict, shock horror, the image of the United States around the world is at all time low. A country of gun-ho, greedy people who show two fingers at any attempt to conserve, reduce pollution and engage in diplomacy.

While that may not be true, that is the image.

Jack may well feel he's entitled to his lifestyle, but he should know that other people also may feel the same way. A country and its people can become very weak, very quickly, rather than abandon anyone it's far between to think our way out of the problem, rather than grab what we can and hope for the best.

Nevertheless, Jack is by no means the worst member of, there's:

Montequest: A rabid environmentalist that drives a sports cars and pick up truck. Has no idea of economics, Geography or History and has an over inflated opinion about his views. Systematically removing, or threatening to remove anyone from the website that disagrees.

Aaron: The SUV driving chief cook and Bottle washer.

Stu: Interests boxing and Geopolitics, quite clearly looking forward to a scrap.

Ludi: Monte quest’s lapdog and flute playing tinsel bunny that has 5 cars in her household and admit 'Screw everyone that is in the real world'.

Various other associated ruffians, geeks and fascists that have very unclear view about much that goes on outside their state or village. Local opinions for local people.

At Sunday, September 4, 2005 at 9:21:00 AM PDT, Anonymous watersedge1 said...

What baffles me is why these people think it's the Third World which is draining the world's resources. Everybody knows that 4/5 or so of the world essentially lives the same way it did 200 years ago. In any sort of collapse of the current world order the peasants of the Third World will be the MOST likely to survive and it's the fat jelly-bellied, pineapple-from-Hawaii-eating bastards who'll die first. They sound exactly like Hitler. If I can't live, let's shoot everybody else.

And so for shortening the Third World misery? The Third World has been suffering for YEARS, since the 19th Century's Colonial expansion. The Third World has been suffering to fuel the lifestyles of fat rich white people who then go on to blame the Third World for their problems. Funny. And Americans wonder why Hugo Chavez hates them.

At Tuesday, July 26, 2011 at 9:42:00 AM PDT, Blogger Daeros said...


holy shit. I've been saying the exact same thing. The law of limited competition stipulates a predator that kills off it's competition will eventually kill itself, and that's exactly what the "Rich western world" does. We demand ALL of the resources to the point where everything else starves. Tribal civilization in the rest of the world doesn't do this. We think we are going to be the suvivors because we have the most resources, but in reality the "uncivilized world" has a monopoly on efficency of using resources. We'll burn thru our backup supplies before they ever run out. The "savages" are going to outlive us.


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