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Saturday, September 03, 2005


Here's another logical response to becoming "peak oil aware". We're all going to die soon in a peak oil die-off which will make the Black Death look like a birthday party. So we might as well live it up, and enjoy all the modern conveniences while we still have them:
The world is in a truely dire situation. Lots of people have nothing to loose in the game for resources. Lots of people will be desprite enough and feel they have enough power to win the endgame. A lot of people are greedy and will do all the wrong things when dealing with the largest problem humanity has ever faced. All we are left to do is prepare in any way that we can, to hope for the future, and to try to spread the knowledge and the truth. Life poses many problems ahead, how we will react to them is unknown. All we do know is that the life we are living in today, may not be there tommorow. Live it up, love life, and prepare for the gloomy days ahead, for theres really not much we can do but prepare for whats comming our way. Depressing, yes. Hopeful? Not really. Loving my video games and driving my car... every second of it. --skateari Source
Note, once again, that peak oil awareness does not lead to sustainable practices. It leads to just the opposite: increased demand for every unsustainable product offered by the modern world because now is the last chance to enjoy them before the big die-off. Also note that (as usual) doom provides a convenient excuse for continuing your rampant consumption of gasoline.


At Sunday, September 4, 2005 at 8:59:00 AM PDT, Anonymous watersedge1 said...

At least he loves his video game. Playing Counterstrike must be his way of training for the great collapse.

At Sunday, September 18, 2005 at 1:44:00 AM PDT, Anonymous popmonkey said...

i hope this isn't taken the wrong way by some PC fool. i have a couple of friends with HIV and this is *exactly* the approach they've taken to life.

i.e. "i've got a few years to go and i've got credit cards. i'm going out in style"

if you have no hope, why struggle? some will stick a rifle in their mouth and pull the trigger, the others, the more selfish ones, will go out with a bang. that is why i've been reading this blog with great interest. although i'd consider myself a PO gloomer (note, not doomer), this blog has given me hope. hope translates, at least in my view, to making the best attempt at making a difference. i'm not quite sure what it will be but definitely trying to live a carless life in the next 12 months is a big part of it. i'm already telecommuting 2 days a week, i've been riding motorcycles for 15 years, year round, the car i do have is to transport my kids to and fro local stuff, schools, etc, but i just bought a bike with various trailer crap for that very purpose... i think #45 was a very important post here and although it may seem like one person can't make a difference, i think in a few years it'll be a lot more folks doing the same. it's really not that hard.


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