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Saturday, August 27, 2005


Outside of platforms provided by sympathetic enablers like Colin Campbell(#29), peak oil fascists tend to keep their mouths shut, and disguise their true views. Here we get an inside look into the mind of one of these cockroaches:
Lee said...

The idea that Peak Oil can be solved through liberal fantasising that we all hold hands and sing ' all you need is love 'whilst wearing daisy chains around our necks is the last resort of the liberal nostaligic.

The New Dark Age that we are entering is an age of Nationalism not internationalism. The idea that Britain can solve the Peak Oil crash through more internationalisation is like saying you can prevent heroin addiction by injecting the addict with more and more heroin.

The time comes when Bio-Regionalism, Closed Borders, Steady State Eco-Economics and a Directed Economy aimd at preventing the collapse of social complexity has to be adopted. The Middle Class Leftists, the capitalist lackeys , the Marxist enviornmentalists, the international socialists and liberals and the bogus reactionary rightists will all be swept away by Peak Oil. And thank the Gods for that.

If any leftist on this site can put forard a vaild idea how sixty seventy million people in Britain grow enough food without oil based pesticides and intensive agricultural techniques based on oil - and still argue for open borders and more mass immigration into Britain - then lets hear it. [Note from JD: See #48, #28,#55,#22 and #15]

The fact is you havent got a clue. Your day , and the ideology that you held, is dead. The New Age of Eco-Nationalism has begun.

Here is our warning to you now. Those criminals, traitors, fools and fantasists that delay our rise to power will be treated as criminals when we take power. This Peak Oil situation will destroy our entire Nation and Western Civilisation unless the BNP are allowed to take power. The left and the liberals, the socialists and the environmentalists and the capitalists are all guilty of the same crime - of opposing the one part that can solve tis crisis , the one party that has the Wil and Vision to fight for our future.

The Steady State Eco-Economics Model of the BNP based on Bio-Regionalism and national environmental autarchy under the control of a Ministry of Finance and a central British National Bank that will direct and control the scial evolutionary changes that are requred in order for our nationa and people to survive this nightmare are the sole solution.

We will no longer listen to the mouse squeaks of the left and the liberals as they try and prevent our national revolution - they along with the capitalists led us to this Gehenna.

You now have a clear choice - either join us or get out of our way. Our path to power is now clear before us ,and you laid the foundations to our victory with our complicity , duplicity, criminality , corruption, arrogance and greed.

When Judgement Day begins then the guilty will pay for their crimes against our people. Capitalist wil stand bsie communist, liberal and maxis green in the Peoples Courts.

You have one cance and one chance only.

If you join us now we can forgive yo.

Fight us and you will pay the price in the future.

When the lights begin to flicker and the electricity begins to fail [Note from JD: Apparently this pinhead has been reading "Olduvai" Duncan. LOL. See #31] our power will grow.

Further debate is not required. You know we are right and that you have no answers other than ours.

The left , the reactionary right, and the liberals and the socialists hav neither the vision or the stength to evole this nation to the point where it can survive.

The old left/right political model is dead - now we are united in pursuit of a new higher national goal , to survive this crisis.

Identity politics is the future of British politics - the programme of the BNP is the future.

We will not let ieological dinosaurs using their faile and asinine langage of ' Hitler this and that ' divert us from our mission.

The era of laxity and apathy is over - the Eraof Eco-Nationalism has begun.

Repent your past and join with us or suffer punishment when the time comes for yor crimes.Source


At Sunday, August 28, 2005 at 5:22:00 AM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A person that talks about population reduction, without innovative and realistic energy reduction use, especially within their own capita quota, clearly has an underlying agenda and guiding philosophy of unsavoury fascist tendency.

In interwar battle-strewn Germany, the same characters rose to power through the ignorance of the masses and the desperation of their lot.

It's a simply trick. You tell people that you have the answers, and even good men with a shred of sympathy for individual preservation over the wider good begin to tally up just who they wish to remove from society to preserve them.

First it starts with immigration, then the ideas move towards a perfect, pure race. Anyone that doesn't fit the model is eliminated, person-by-person, group-by-group.

Cults and fascist groups work at chipping away at individuals moral centre and democratic rights, slowly, but surely, the whole group is mesmerised into believing what they are told. Their logic turns is in fact cold logic, the programming is continuously input, line-by-line straight into their internal processes without any regard for the consequences.

Sometimes this is done by telling plain lies such as telling people the world us running out of energy and there must be sacrifice. Notice the sacrifice never comes from the hierarchy of the guiding mind.

At Sunday, August 28, 2005 at 12:13:00 PM PDT, Blogger James Shannon said...

"The price of freedom is eternal vigilance" - Canadian Legion (WW1 & WW@ Vets)

Do not dismiss people like this as kooks. An Anon poster mentioned, the Nazis were able to rise to power in much the same way. We must not let hate groups like this hijack the vernacular of PO, or people will not take the problem seriously in the short term, and our future be full of wars and genocide in the long-term.

At Sunday, August 28, 2005 at 7:39:00 PM PDT, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it fascinating how these people think they somehow have a right to be saved because they are somehow superior-- when half of them can't seem to spell properly.

A quick look at their comments says nothing more than very great fear.


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